Kumbha Special 2013 Allhabad.


"Bathing In Ambroisia"

It is the religious faith that people believe in the Mythological Story of the tug of war between Gods and Demons for the Amrita or The Nector which was in the Kumbh(Earthen Pot). In this chase some drops of the Milk of Paradise was fallen in the river. For this it is believed the water of "Sangam", i.e. the mixing of Ganges, Yamuna, and mythical Saraswati, turned to be the Panacia of everything on that holy time. So people eagerly bathe day and night overcoming all the difficulties. It was very rare to see them bathing in the cold at night.

"Preparing for the Next"

The picture was taken in the biggest and famous 'JunaAkhara', the very common feel of Kumbha.

"Madness Of Kumbha"

Friends, it was a long ranger shot at night when Swami Nityananda Pravu Maharaj was going towards Sangam. We were surprised to view such gathering even at night to view and take blessings of Pravuji, neglecting the biting cold. We took so many shots of the view and with the smiling face Pravuji looks gorgeous...is not it?

"The Fun - made by Babajis"

This is funny to find those Babajis in this mood. It was taken when they were on the way to their bath. We, the common people were then madly focusing on them and putting shutter. Watching this perhaps they also became vibrant and doing so many activities...and one of those activities.

"Returning From Kumbha - 2013"

It was the end of the great event The MahaKumbha 2013 in Allhabad. Every one were trying to return with great satisfaction. I was told this thing can be projected as the another face of this largest fair in slow shutter speed. I tried...

"Running With Madness"

Infact this is a fascinating view when one can watch this sort of running with crowded 'NagaBabas'. I am fortunate that I was able to take this photograph as the Akhara men trying to remove people from Baba's way. Infact the common people have no way to make an entrance there and we were lucky that we have the Press Card with us. It is unbelievable that this rush is pacified when the Babas take a look of the water. No one knows what they will do if one comes in their way....

"Night Spending In MahaKumbha 2013"

"Evening Prayer At Sangam,Prayag"

It looks very fascinating when thousand of people either men or women lighted the ghat, i.e. Sangam,Prayag with the earthen candles and incense sticks. The prayer and the enlightened ghat then transformed into a Heavenly Place which I will never ever forget. It can be the another projected face of "The MahaKumbha 2013".

"Waiting For ... "

This is the real waiting for Kumbha2013. People of Lakhs and Corers coming from different parts of the world took shelters in different places of the ground. The temporary shelters are made under the big soaring trees and keep cooking something for the night...Someone spending the night by reading....or some one just watching with amazement such huge gathering...

"He Came in that Fashion" - MahaKumbha 2013

It was the morning of the day of 'Sahi Snan'. And the person with his little one advancing further way through the jostling. We were keenly observing the physic of that kid on the person's soldier. The gathering to him was really awe inspiring, though he got the taste also in his childhood.

"Dam Maro Dam" - MahaKumbha 2013

                         "Passing Evening"

It was my first day in MahaKumbh 2013 before Mouniamavasya. I was trying to capture different moods of  the great fair. Returning to my tent I found these Sadhus with some common folk emerging into the song of the Sadhu. Without disturbing their attraction I clicked some as I thought this could be the another projection of MahaKumbh 2013.      

"Blessing" - MahaKumbh 2013

It is very problematic to be entered into the 'Akhara'(Temporary Staying) of the Naga Babas with a camera as they become violent seeing the camera men taking photos of them. On the next morning of our trip I and Kamalesh, one of my mates, collecting courage, entered into an Akhara - the great "Juna Akhara" of the fair. We were fortunate enough that we were welcomed there by Him, The Naga Baba. Infact in a short span he gave us a lot of Spiritual Knowledge and also His 'Prasad'. We took His permission to take some shots on Him. In the mean time some disciples come to take His voice and blessings. We did not want to miss the opportunity to take shots of that mood. Kamalesh and I took shots to project the common face of MahaKumbh as people think that Kumbh means only the Nagas.