It was my first day in the Kumbha 2013.We were in the search of some portraits. We came to a place where a temporary 'Langarkhana'(Serving of Food without money). Naturally it was crowded with so many pilgrimage of different parts. With them so many photographers as well. We found faces but not like her, as it was to me inexplicable.


“Stunning Looks”

 He is a small owner of a tea shop in the village and different persons come to his shops with gossips. He always listen without making any comments. But a news stunned him also as his mouth slightly opens…and just tried to capture that expression.

"Like It !?"

This picture was also taken in Maha Kumbha 2013, Allahabad where Babaji made a fun with us, offering that thing!!!

"I am the King"

It is the life of Kingfisher that they catch fish for their life, but what is fascinating that they do not know how much pleasure they impart by their daily activities. 

"Take Your Blessings"

Friends, He is the same Babaji who was in my uploaded photo "Blessings". We must have to admit that this person is a knowledgeable guy and gave advices on spiritualism. But our motto was different. Cause we entered the Akhara to capture some shots on rare moments. After all He gave permissions to take some shots and in this mood He actually was giving His Blessings to Kamalesh with both hands though I donot know why He prefers Kamalesh more than I....!!!!!!